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Paper Sessions

Long presentations are 15 minutes and short presentations are 10 minutes, each with 5 minutes for discussion.

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10.00 - 11.15

Politics & Culture
Chair: Ralph Shroeder

Sustainability Implications of Open Government Data: A Cross-Regional Study
Alison Koczanski and Marta Sabou

Unveiling the Political Agenda of the European Parliament Plenary: A Topical Analysis
Derek Greene and James Cross

Mining cross-cultural relations from Wikipedia - A study of 31 European food cultures
Paul Laufer, Claudia Wagner, Fabian Flöck and Markus Strohmaier

Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and Peacebuilding: a Conceptual Framework (short)
Jen Welch, Susan Halford and Mark Weal

Data challenges
Chair: Thanassis Tiropanis

Avoiding Chinese Whispers: Controlling End-to-End Join Quality in Linked Open Data Stores
Jan-Christoph Kalo, Silviu Homoceanu, Jewgeni Rose and Wolf-Tilo Balke

Big Data? Big Issgeogues: Degradation in Longitudinal Data and Implications for Social Sciences
Matthew Weber and Hai Nguyen

A Linked Data Scalability Challenge: Concept Reuse Leads to Semantic Decay (short)
Paolo Pareti, Ewan Klein and Adam Barker

Ranking Buildings and Mining the Web for popular Architectural Patterns
Ujwal Gadiraju, Stefan Dietze and Ernesto Diaz-Aviles

Online Social Behaviour 1
Chair: Eric Meyer

An Ethnomethodologically-Informed Approach to Interface Design to Support Collective Web Practice Around Video (short)
Anna Zawilska and Steven Albury

Self Curation, Social Partitioning, Escaping from Prejudice and Harassment: the Many Dimensions of Lying Online
Max Van Kleek, Dave Murray-Rust, Amy Guy, Daniel Smith and Nigel Shadbolt

Online Commenting after Anonymity: an Empirical Study
Rolf Fredheim, Alfred Moore and John Naughton

Time to Introduce Myself! Impact of Self-disclosure Timing of Newcomers in Online Discussion Forum
Di Lu and Rosta Farzan


Innovating methods
Chair: Catherine Pope

Building a Social Machine: Co-designing a TimeBank for Inclusive Research
Clare J. Hooper, Melanie Nind, Sarah Parsons, Andrew Power and Anne Collis

From Chirps to Whistles Discovering Event-specific Informative Content from Twitter
Debanjan Mahata, John Talburt and Vivek Singh

Assembling the facebook: Using Heterogeneity to Understand Online Social Network Assembly
Abigail Jacobs, Samuel Way, Johan Ugander and Aaron Clauset

Taming a Menagerie of Heavy Tails with Skew Path Analysis (short)
Joshua Introne and Sean Goggins

Digital Narratives 1
Chair: Les Carr

Storyscope: Supporting the authoring and reading of museum stories using online data sources
Paul Mulholland, Annika Wolff and Eoin Kilfeather

Archetypal Narratives in Social Machines: Approaching Sociality through Prosopography Segolene Tarte, Pip Willcox, Hugh Glaser and David De Roure

How much is said in a microblog? A multilingual inquiry based on Weibo and Twitter (short)
Han-Teng Liao, King-Wa Fu and Scott Hale

Social Safety & Wellbeing

SHORT Habits vs Environment: What Really Causes Asthma?
Mengfan Tang, Pranav Agrawal and Ramesh Jain

Emotional states vs emotional words in social media
Asaf Beasley and Winter Mason

Assessing the Value of Social Media for Organisations: The Case for Charitable Use
Christopher Phethean, Thanassis Tiropanis and Lisa Harris

11.45 - 12.45

Online Social Behaviour 2
Chair: Eric Meyer

Observing Social Machines Part 2: How to Observe?
David De Roure, Clare J. Hooper, Kevin Page, Segolene Tarte and Pip Willcox

What can be Found on the Web and How: A Characterization of Web Browsing Patterns
Alexey Tikhonov, Liudmila Ostroumova Prokhorenkova, Arseniy Chelnokov, Ivan Bogatyy and Gleb Gusev

Online Footsteps to Purchase: Exploring Consumer Behaviors on Online Shopping Sites
Munyoung Lee, Taehoon Ha, Jinyoung Han, Jong-Youn Rha and Taekyoung Kwon

Chair: Stefan Bazan

Developing the Pro-human Web
Michael Day, Les Carr & Susan Halford

RoboCode-Ethicists – Privacy-friendly robots, an ethical responsibility of engineers? 
Christoph Lutz and Aurelia Tamò

Insights on Privacy and Ethics from the Web's Most Prolific Storytellers
Christopher Wienberg and Andrew Gordon

Digital Narratives 2
Chair: Katrin Weller

`/Command' and Conquer: Analysing Discussion in a Citizen Science Game
Ramine Tinati, Markus Luczak-Roesch, Elena Simperl, Wendy Hall and Nigel Shadbolt

Analyzing Discourse Communities with Distributional Semantic Models
Igor Brigadir, Derek Greene and Padraig Cunningham

How much is Wikipedia Lagging Behind News? 
Besnik Fetahu, Avishek Anand and Abhijit Anand

Considering a Wider Web? Employing Multimodal Critical Discourse Analysis in Exploration of Multiple Online Spaces (short)
Rebecca Nash