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Late Breaking Research

Late breaking research presentations (Lecture Theatre B in the Oxford e-Research Centre, Sunday 28 June 201), 5-6.30pm). Chaired by Mark Weal.

Jim Hendler, Heng Ji and Mei Si (Renesslaer Polytechnic Institute) Touring the World Wide Web

Hans Ackermans and Anna Bonn (VU University Amsterdam) Extending the World Wide Web without Internet - A Socio-Technical Network Perspective

Ansgar Koene, Elvira Perez Vallejos, Christopher James Carter, Ramona Statache, Svenja Adolphs, Claire O'Malley, Tom Rodden and Derek McAuley (University of Nottingham) A tailored web, filtered to your personal profile

Seth Frey and Robert Sumner (Disney Research) Scaling of governance styles in designer societies

Seth Frey, Karsten Donnay, Robert Sumner, Maarten Bos (Disney Research) Self-influence and the social dimensions of emotional regulation

Kieron Rones and Craig Webber (University of Southampton) Digital Piracy is not “Difficult”, “Dangerous”, or “Risky”

Piotr Cofta Conceptualising Trust on the Web

Panagiotis Takis Metaxas, Samantha Finn and Eni Mustafaraj (Wellesley) “OMG! Look what I read on Twitter! Do people really believe it?

Stefan Bazan (Keeward)The Bookwitty Platform: Transforming the interaction between books and people.

Aurélien Faravelon, Stephane Frenot, Stephane Grumbach and Billel Lasledj Understanding the web from the perspective of intermediation

Elvira Perez Vallejos, Ansgar Koene, Christopher James Carter, Ramona Statache, Svenja Adolphs, Claire Omalley, Tom Rodden, Derek McAuley and Monica Cano (University of Nottingham) Acting Out Digital Dilemmas to Promote Digital Reflections